Our Story

Our story began with a belief and a passion that every child should have a voice, the ability to write for enjoyment, the desire to read, and the passion to become exceptional storytellers.

My personal BriBooks story starts in 1984, in Israel, when I was 11 years old. As a child, I wrote “newspapers” and “books”. I would normally write on the backside of used printer papers. A few pages, stapled, hand painted, ready to be shared with my family. Fast forward, 37 years later, an old friend asked me what happened to my book, “The Avakvakim” (tiny dust particles in Hebrew) and I had no answer. This story was my masterpiece, dust particles that saved the world by working together. The book was sadly lost, but the spirit of storytelling stayed with me.

Storytelling helped me convince millions to watch 3D Movies in Cinemas by using Xpand3D which I co-founded. Storytelling helped me start the first Israeli-Palestinian Investment fund. Storytelling helped me teach millions of children to code by using LeapLearner which I co-founded. Storytelling helped me to write “growing future innovators” which became a Chinese bestseller. Storytelling helped me write Hypersmart, my latest book. Storytelling helped my kids fall asleep every night with a new story I invented. For me, storytelling, reading for enjoyment and writing is a way of life and it started when I was 11 years old.

In the last decade, I gave hundreds of lectures at schools and got to meet countless parents and educators in Israel, the United States, China, and India. I mainly spoke about the importance of computational thinking and innovation but almost every Q&A session started with the same issues. “My kids don’t read”, “My students are busy every day with Social Media” and “My kids don’t have the attention span to complete anything”.

It’s very easy to explain the kids’ behavior. Today’s kids face a dynamic, technology-driven world. Social media requires only a few seconds to receive or deliver a story and this phenomenon becomes more and more extreme (from Vlogs to Facebook to Instagram to Tiktok, the creation and consumption process becomes shorter and shorter). Today, it’s more essential than ever to practice long processes such as reading a book while enjoying it. The enjoyment part is crucial and forced readying or forced writing does not work. Studies show that writing for pleasure makes a significant difference to children’s educational performance and writing is more likely to determine the child’s future than their social or economic background. Moreover, evidence suggests that young people who write for enjoyment will become lifelong readers and will enjoy superior mental health as writing helps young people express how they feel. This is where we started to develop BriBooks. We knew that kids love to tell stories and share them with the world, and we matched this creative process with their digital world. In fact, becoming a “YouTuber” or “influencer” is now the most desired job for kids, and we harnessed this creative passion, combined it with the most advanced gaming experience, added Artificial intelligence, and delivered the ultimate fast pace method to take a story, process it into a physical printed book, and share it with the world using one click.

The ancient human skill of storytelling that started around a campfire and evolved into multiple metaverses is now more important than ever. As technology becomes more prevalent in our lives, kids must combine technical skills with essential soft skills in which humans will always have a clear advantage over computers. The secret sauce of BriBooks is the ability to be technical & creative at the same time and to instantly share the outcome with the world. My personal story is my first building block. Coding with LeapLearner proved that coding and computational thinking are more important than ever, but it also reinforced that being technical without the ability to tell stories is like running with one leg. Our amazing team of educators, authors, behavioral scientists, and engineers wrote the first chapter of the BriBooks story and now it is your turn to write your BriBooks story and share it with the world.

Ami Dror

Founder & CEO

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Ami Dror, Age 7