The platform has an Artificially Intelligent helper called BriBoo that helps students with their creative writing journey. Also here is a video that anyone can watch to learn how to write their first book on BriBooks.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJaGYl1m9b4

When it comes to creativity or Imagination, kids have a clear advantage over adults. They love inventing and telling stories and BriBooks empower children to turn their stories into books, publish their books with one click, participate in the world best writing contests, win fun prizes, and even get global recognition for their books.

Studies show that writing for pleasure makes a significant difference to children’s educational performance and writing is more likely to determine the child future than their social or economic background. Evermore, evidence suggests that young people who write for enjoyment will become lifelong readers and will enjoy superior mental health as writing help young people express how they feel.

Multiple studies have demonstrated that writing, an essential skill itself, also improves reading comprehension, thinking, learning and organization to see projects through to completion. Not surprisingly, the benefit for the child do not end there and writing act as a springboard into more technical disciplines such as coding and complex problem solving. Creativity, storytelling, analytics, organization, and determination are also directly benefited from writing.

The short answer is as soon as possible. Learning to write stories at a young age is a great opportunity for kids and teens to develop their creativity and storytelling skills, while building the infrastructure to become curious adults and lifelong readers / learners.

As technology becomes more prevalent in our lives, creativity and storytelling are becoming essential 21st century skill. Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing every aspect of today’s world and humans must know how to bridge essential technical skills like math and coding with soft skills such as creativity in which humans will always have clear advantage over computers. The key to future of education is the ability to be technical & creative at the same time. Writing empowers kids of all ages to become storytellers of technology by tapping into their ability to bring their imagination to the digital life.

Kids are natural storytellers, and our goal is only to water the soil and let these seeds evolve into trees. With BriBooks Artificial Intelligence engine, learning to author books has never been easier! BriBooks award-winning platform captivates kids because our theme-driven strategy motivates them to complete more and more pages and share their stories with the world.

BriBooks is using a combination of visual triggers, open-ended questions, grammatic solutions and styling tools so every kid will be able to publish a book. The same fundamental creative writing concepts that are used by professional authors are packed into artificial intelligence engine that choose the method that works best for every child.

Yes, in fact a very common practice to encourage young kids to write is for the parent to write one page, followed by a page by the child, followed by a page by the parent etc. This is an exceptional collaborative activity that leads into beautiful books.

Yes, please contact us and we will guide you how to setup a school/class writing event.