Please ask your students to register at https://www.yaf.bribooks.com/india/student Once they register, they will receive instructions on how to write and publish their book over the registered email.
Typically such communication works well if shared by class teachers in the classroom along with other channels of School-Parent communication.
We are sharing two attachments here as part of the Communication Kit -
  • A PDF that contains a message to be shared with parents and teachers
  • An Image file which is a digital poster

The platform has an Artificially Intelligent helper called BriBoo that helps students with their creative writing journey.
Also here is a video that your students can watch to learn how to write their first book on BriBooks.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcAkYSkqHso

Schools will win Literary Leadership Awards based on the number of students who publish books from their school with each student allowed to publish only one book.
Following is the eligibility for the Literary Leadership Awards
  • City Level - 250+ Published Authors
  • State Level - 400+ Published Authors
  • National Level - 600+ Published Authors