Empowering Young Storytellers to Invent the Future

We believe that in a world where technology impacts every aspect of our lives, our children must become active writers and passionate readers. Our mission is to provide every child with a voice, the ability to write for enjoyment, the desire to read, and the passion to become exceptional storytellers. Our powerful technology allows our children to easily publish their beautiful books on BriBooks and Amazon Global with total creative freedom

Meet BriBoo

Hi, I’m BriBoo and I help children (and adults) solve the most common difficulties in writing and publishing books. My Artificial Intelligence skills make the writing process as enjoyable and efficient as playing a game, allowing you to simply publish your dreams. You start the writing journey by choosing the type of story you would like to write, and you are then guided by BriBoo to deepen your text or revise it. Successively, you need to choose how to develop your story. From now on, you simply need to write most creatively and just follow BriBoo’s instructions all the way to a fully published book on BriBooks